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Defence Health Fund

Defense Health Fund Dentist MaidstoneAt Smart Choice Dental, we believe that quality dental care, whether it’s family care or emergency care, should always be affordable! We are pleased to announce that, starting on 1st October, we will be partnering with a company aptly called Smile. Smile negotiates on behalf of Defence Health Fund. The lower cost, not-for-profit health fund is run for the benefit
of its members and provides good coverage.

Significant Savings

Get ready to save! If you are a Defense Health Fund member, you will pay less out of pocket for your dental needs. Because Smile negotiates on behalf of Defence Health Fund, dental members can enjoy a 15-30% saving off their dental needs. That means less out-of-pocket expenses for the member when they come in for their treatment. Whether you need major dental or general dental, the savings applies to all dental services.

Even if a patient is still in their waiting period for major dental or has used up their limit, they’ll still get the lower pricing as well. The Defence Health Fund also will ensure there’s no gap to pay for a checkup, clean and fluoride treatment. Defence Health is covering 100% of this six-month preventative checkup.


Who is eligible? Anyone who has been in the defence forces or who has a family member in the forces is eligible to access the fund. If you work for a contractor that is involved in the defence industry, you are also able to access the fund.

As always, we desire to help our patients in Maidstone access affordable family and emergency dental care. Smile brighter, starting today, with affordable, quality dental care. Contact us for an appointment!