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Safety and Hygiene at Smart Choice Dental

Hygienist cleaning instruments

At Smart Choice Dental, your safety is our priority. With the recent focus in the media, we wanted to reassure you that we go above and beyond the Australian Dental Association and Australian Dental Board requirements for sterilisation to safeguard against cross-infection.

All our staff wear dental gowns/smocks which are laundered daily using anti-bacterial rinses – and we will regularly change the gowns during the day.

Protective garments (for our and your protection) are used extensively, including masks (changed for every patient), gloves (changed several times for each patient), face shields and eye wear (disinfected between each patient). The more protected we are, the more protected you will be.

You will also notice that our equipment is covered in plastic which seems really weird at first – but the plastic is changed between each patient and then we clean all surfaces with a hospital grade disinfectant as well. This includes things like the overhead light, suction, handpieces and drills, light cure, xray button, computer mouse and much more.

In addition to hand-washing with anti-bacterial soap before and after treatment, our dentists always wear disposable nitrile gloves (instead of latex which some people are allergic to). You will notice we change gloves even several times during your visit – and if we need to access the drawers for something extra we have not planned for in your visit, we have a system in place to ensure your health and protection (which we call ” grab bags” ).

Sterilisatrion Procedures

Staff member preparing instruments for sterilizationWe have a system for sterilising items such as handpieces etc, which ensures that each and every item we use in the treatment room is sterilised to conform to the Australian Standards. You will notice we take instruments from sterilisation pouches – which have come from our regularly serviced autoclaves. Records of each successful sterilisation cycle are checked and archived. You will notice that our Sterilisation Room is open and visible to you on every visit to our practice – just ask your dental assistant for an explanation of the processes if you are curious about it.

The burs or drills are single use items with us – we don’t reuse them. Similarly the needles we use are single use (and even if you need an additional top up of anaesthetic you would notice we use a new needle for that).

The Dental Board of Australia (AHPRA) guidelines for registration of Dentists and Oral Health Therapists requires annual testing and reporting of results for things like HIV, Hepatitis etc. So you can rest assured all our staff are regularly screened in this regard.

Our new staff have a rigorous induction process. We also undertake constant upskilling, and an annual in-practice education program for our staff specifically on infection control standards and processes as they use them day to day in our practice (and not just from a text book).

Our dedication to follow and exceed the Australian Government guidelines (which are among the most stringent in the world) ensure that you and your friends and family are in safe hands.

If you have any questions or concerns before, during or after your visit, please feel free to ask your dentist, oral health therapist or dental assistant. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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