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ZOOM Teeth Whitening in Maidstone

Our highly trained, skilled dental professionals have had extensive training in teeth whitening options. We can explain the issues involved, and assess if Tooth Whitening is a good option for you.

ZOOM! See Results with Professional Teeth Whitening in About 1-Hour

ZOOM Tooth Whitening is one of the world’s leading teeth whitening solutions, which can give you results in around an hour.

By having a regular teeth cleaning with your dentist, or the practice hygienist, you can help remove the staining that occurs in the short term. Everyone’s teeth structure is different, and some people find this regular cleaning gives them a suitable result.

Red wine, coffee, tea, and some foods can discolour our teeth and these stains may need some extra help to remove by way of teeth whitening (also known as bleaching). Some discoloration of the teeth may need internal teeth bleaching.

Some types of staining may be treated with ZOOM or similar, whilst others may need other treatment options such as veneers, or even crowns. Your dental practitioner will be able to give you advice on what options are best for you.

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Home whitening. When you want results but are working with a tight budget
If your budget does not stretch to the cost of the professional in-chair whitening, there is the option for home whitening.

In this option a mould is made of your teeth, and you are given instructions on how to get the best results. You apply the gel twice a day, for about 2 weeks. Many of our patients have experienced a very good result – but it requires the dedication of time to get a good result.

If a white smile is important to you, then this may be the option that suits.

ZOOM! Touch Up Pens / Gel. Keeping your teeth as white as you want them to be.
Once you have a new whiter smile, you will obviously want to keep it looking as good as you can.

Regular dental check up and cleans will help with that of course. But everything we eat and drink can affect our teeth, and we can end up losing some of that amazing white we had in the chair with the dentist.

The answer for you could be the Top Up Gel, or ZOOM! Touch Up Pens. Ask us for prices and options for this when you are in for your next visit.

What about sensitivity with teeth whitening?
Everyone’s teeth are different and some people do experience some sensitivity when undertaking teeth whitening. It may take the form of “Zingers” which may last up to 24 hours after the whitening is undertaken.

However others have NO issues at all. It really is an individual issue. If you have issues with sensitivity normally, it does not always mean you will have sensitivity with whitening procedures – but do mention it to your dental professional.

Why should I have whitening done with a dentist, and not a beauty or tanning salon?
A dentist can give you advice if your teeth structure may be suitable for teeth whitening – or if there are issues with your teeth and gums that mean you should not.

A beauty therapist does not have this training. Government legislation also means they cannot actually inspect your teeth, or apply gel to your teeth – only hand it to you to do it yourself. They are also only allowed to dispense up to 6% gel by law. We recently saw a sign at a “whitening kiosk” in a shopping mall that said “Blanching of the gums is normal during teeth whitening”. Well that shows how little they know – blanching is another word for the gums being burnt by the gel – and very seldom will the burnt gums grow back how they used to be. So don’t take risks with the health of your teeth and gums – only ever trust a trained Dental professional to carry out teeth whitening for you.

For any questions about ZOOM teeth whitening or our other family dental services, call and speak to our friendly reception team today: (03) 9317 3144.

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